Would You Marry the Machine? (AI Robot)

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Over less than a decade, I have heard about people marrying machines, sorry to say, robots, which have today evolved to Artificially Intelligent Robots. Do I want to be left out? No, I can make the AI robot my second wife. AI robots are amongst the best of the creations of the world, why am I saying so; I know there are things the AI robot is good at that most wives are not good at portraying.

Shows respect to simple orders

Man is humbled by the honor, praise, and respect.  If you want me to respect you, you have to do this, you have to buy me a car, take me out to Dubai for shopping, clean me, and comfort me when I am fatigued. Respect is not part of the things some wives can easily provide, but I know for sure an AI robot can do it. I do not have to take it out for shopping to Dubai for shopping to get the same right response every day. I can switch it off angrily and wake up to be received by the same respect as the day before.

Accepts control

Man is a moody being that handles issues based on the activities of the day and the state of their minds at that time. There is nothing terrible with some little control. I cannot tell her to bring me water, go back bring me some fruits, go back bring me some tea and even go back do me some supper she will flip. She could carry the whole fridge and place it right in front of me. A second wife, the AI robot could come in handy, back and forth on a frustrating day is not a big deal.

The AI is not jealous

Every time, a husband receives visitors, occasionally people of the opposite sex, other days the friends of the wife could come along. The husband out of good personality could connect with this people in a way the wife cannot control. What could follow is an intense argument about what a careless and loose person you could be, there is nothing you can do about it. It is all different anyway with an AI robot as a wife, they will not show an iota of jealousy, they will sit there and watch, they will only not respond and you will be there introducing her to her new friends, and she will not be paranoid or jealous about anything.

The AI robot turns out to be an always moral device

Relationships are built on trust, and I will not shy away from saying this wife turns out to be moral. Honesty and trust are but the elements I can attribute this device too. I cannot be afraid of having to be lied to, having to be toyed with, having to be taken advantage of, having to be used. The AI robot is just the perfect description of a morally upright person. Trusting them cannot be a problem, sharing my love with only the AI is something I can live with.

Good company

Some wives are there every day but never will you feel their presence. If they are talking, they come up with spirit killing statements, they discourage your hard work, and they kill your very existence and purpose in life. I get to decide what my AI wife tells me, and the worry of positive conversations will not be a problem. The AI robot wife will only keep the conversation positive always. What is bad with a life full of challenges with some element of positivity?

Of all the home remedies, a good wife is one of them, nothing; not even an AI robot wife with a real face can replace the very existence a good and natural wife created by God, a force bigger than any of us. Hey, don’t leave your spouses!