Top Tips to Write an Essay About Technology

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Technology has played a crucial role in the growth and development of today’s society. Thanks to technological inventions, people’s lives have become easier and more convenient. For example, technology has had an immense contribution to how we connect with people around the world or on traveling a long distance. Moreover, technology has changed the way we cook and store food, as well as the way we work and organize our activities. Therefore, writing an essay about technology comes with plenty of sources of inspiration. Keep reading this article and discover some of the top tips for writing an essay about technology.

How to Write an Essay on Technology

  • Talk about types of technology

An interesting topic you can write about is the types of technology that exist. For example, you can talk about industrial technology which is used for the production of equipment and other machines. Moreover, you can define what alternative technology means. This is a type of technology which is considered environment-friendly and on which society puts more emphasis nowadays. Creative technology is another type of technology. It includes art and product design which is frequently used in 3D printing or virtual reality. Depending on who is your target audience, you can describe in detail various types of technology and show your readers how they can use it to improve their lives.

  • Pros and cons of using technology

Even though it has brought a lot of improvement in people’s lives, the use of technology remains a controversial subject. You can create your essay’s body around the pros and cons of using technology. On one hand, technology plays an important role in society’s evolution, helping us stay in touch with each other despite the distance between us and create various products which make people’s lives easier. On the other hand, technology can seriously harm the environment. One of the biggest problems coming from the use of technological equipment is pollution. Moreover, people are over-exploiting natural resources to produce technological equipment. Therefore, it is very important that people find a balance between the use of technology and environmental protection.

  • Finding the balance between technology and nature

One controversial topic that can make your essay highly interesting is finding the balance between the use of technology and protecting the world around us. Even though technology can change our lives, it is very important to identify the border between using it for our daily activities and becoming addicted to it. You can talk about technology addiction in your essay and how over-using it can seriously harm the environment. Therefore, it is very important to find a balance between these two as the society needs both to have a good living. You can use statistics and information from verified sources to create a bigger impact on your audience. On top of that, you can come with real-life examples and show your audience what can happen in case of technology excess.

  • Include a call-to-action in your conclusion

When you talk about such a sensitive subject, it is very important to convince your audience to take a certain action. Therefore, you can use the conclusion to remain in your readers’ mind. You can emphasize some of the most important ideas you outlined in the essay. In addition, you should add a strong call-to-action and convince your audience to find a balance between technology use and environmental protection. If you feel you don’t have enough inspiration, you can check for similar essays or even help in writing your essay.

Writing an essay on technology is a great opportunity to offer an impactful lesson to your audience. Even though it offers us convenience and comfort, people should be extremely careful to not exaggerate in using it and harm the environment.

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