Revolutionary New Fibre Optic Cables Are Available Now

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In the communication sector, there are constant innovations and new standard developments all around the world.  The rate of change in optical fiber is equally fast making it a rewarding and exciting venture. Innovation is good, but the quality of the products is paramount.

New Cable Designs

  1. Fiber cables that can bend around sharp corners due to the reduced radius. The fibers are useful in the outside plant, headend, in the offices and residential premises. The quality of the signal is high and its performance optimum.
  2. The FS Focus System an underground optical cable network for an underground sewer system. Utilizing the sewer system makes us more cost-effective and fast. The sewer system makes it possible for the system to be deployed within the client deadline.

Deployment of Fiber Optic Cables

H2O Networks is revolutionizing the fiber network deployment by building links in the UK. Despite being a young company, we are the only fiber network company in Europe that meets the specific requirements of the customer. Excellent customer service and client satisfaction is our drive towards success. There is a service operation center that offers 24/7 customer support and project management.

The fiber optic cable is laid correctly on easy to follow pathways making it easy to manage the network. The quality of the cable routing is consistent; the cables are neatly placed and reduce the chance of chaos or mix up. Tracing the wires is easier thus save on reconfiguration time. When the cables are correctly rooted, the customer will be able to utilize the full features of the bent cable-type fiber.

The connectors are placed tightly and close together to reduce the chance of the connector disconnecting. 

The fiber optic cable is of unlimited bandwidth and compatible with other technologies, for years we have been in the optical fiber revolution and continue to be the leading company providing the next generation of fiber optic cables.

The H2O Networks teams are well-trained personnel having undergone vigorous training in fiber systems and infrastructural technology. The FS Focus System provides affordable prices for all the revolutionizing fiber cables.

The new fiber cables meet the stringent industrial and safety standards. The production of the fiber cables is closely monitored to ensure the quality match the needs of the operators and is suitable for harsh environments. With the fiber cables becoming the standard in the telecommunications, datacenters, seismic wave’s technology and automotive new fiber cables are the norms.

Why Use H2O Networks

  • H2O has a history of deploying the fiber cables in challenging places. Our most prestigious project was the Napier University project. The school has a population of 13,500 students, and they were in need of a robust networking system. H2O provided three pairs of dark fiber approximately 2100 meters by using existing underground sewer system. There were fewer connectivity issues and reduced the cost of installing the cables on the ground.
  • The revolutionary fibers provide unlimited bandwidth at a fixed cost on a long-term lease for up to 10 years.
  • The client owns the freedom of managing the network.
  • It is environmentally friendly as it does not excavate roads to create pathways for the cables
  • The client can quickly expand the network at no extra cost.
  • The fiber optic cables provide a high-speed connection that is secure with no downtime.

Visit our website and select from a wide variety of fiber technologies from fibers that bend through corners to fibers that are indestructible by heat, pressure or water. At H2O Networks there are new breeds of fiber cables that can bend around a pencil due to the reduced radius among other features.