Agile and Efficient. A Love Song to Chrome

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Am a writer and every time I have done it for the last three years I have not changed a bit. I have moved along with the changes Chrome has made since the start of usage and that can never change. I have made a love song to Chrome, its agility and efficiency is a creation to behold, this song does not end here because all it comes with is satiating.

  1. Quick launch

Every time I boot my computer and need to do something on the web, one place makes the work easier. Unlike most legacy browsers, the Chrome opens up quickly. Most browsers on launch make your machine move to loud refresh and loading sounds. I can feel the fan busily rotating and just suddenly, the browser is not responding, am thinking of chrome of a quick device, with quick features and quick executions. This speed is due to browser's code that was created by google developers. More about this you can read in the computer engineering essay.

  1. Quick access to Google features

Do you know why people love malls? Even property developers found out that people today are saving on fuel, saving for a new house, a new car, for the kids and the only way to do it is be getting everything in one place. Google Chrome comes as a superstore or huge shopping mall, all the best of creations this century Gmail, YouTube, Hangout, Maps, Photos, and cloud are all in one single icon on Google Chrome. I can think of a browser that requires me to add a tab, or close page to access photos, emails, videos and or access cloud storage.

  1. Quick access to navigation and additional browser features

Am talking about add-ons, extensions, and bookmarks. Some days we forget what we were working on the previous day, we forget where we got some information, and we forget the pages we saved. Turns out this can be solved, easy navigation, easy access to special browser features.  With just saving bookmarks, add-ons and extensions to the tabs of a browser I can easily access some off and online operating only from the browser could be an Adobe or a downloads manager, could be a page I visited a week or a month ago.

  1. Improvement from other versions is still not the best

Firefox could have gotten faster, but still, I stick to Chrome. If chrome decides to retain its current state and do updates on its features now, then I will again use it. For me, it remains the fastest I have ever come across. Quick tab opening, quick searches, quick autocomplete features and many more. I stay the big fan of these features.

  1. Information-rich

Simple exercise, check for a definition of any word and see what Chrome does. I have never gotten a browser that replaces this feature. Every time I look for something with just a simple tag or keyword Chromes leads me right to where the information is. If I am an academic even better, a simple login to Google gives me access to information in Google Scholar right from Chrome's search box.


  1. Chrome assures of security

Chrome is quite agile and allows for easy security installations. Chrome is embellished with robust security features that will prevent any loss of information that could result from a simple update. Chrome allows for extensions like McAfee, which are highly significant in ensuring all that passes through your browser is screened and the bugs fixed.

  1. Any device compatible

Chrome is platform independent and agile. Wherever you may be, whatever device you may be using, the Chrome can be installed. Could be Android, Mac, Linux or Windows Oss, the Chrome smoothly works in all these devices flawlessly.

Going by history and the times, I still believe the Chrome has time to breathe and serve multitudes due to its everyday development. Still current, still easy to use, still efficient and effective.