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Technology is the one thing that has dominated this world for a long time. Through technology, communication, transport, and weaponry have been revolutionized. Every day we talk about it, and it never seems to get boring at all.

Techedbackstage.net is the home to the latest discussion about what could be the next big thing in technology. The website encourages innovation, steers technology conversations and makes the geeky perceived field more entertaining through its creatively done blog posts.


Techedbackstage.net is not a one-person website. The page encapsulates authorities in the field of technology. They are the brilliant minds of technology that can change the world. They have a lot of years’ work and therefore believe this platform can help them preach their technological gospel.

Details on new technologies, past technologies, and their functionalities will be covered. Myths and misconceptions will be debunked.


The author of techedbackstage.net is a technological hot head. The author has been in the industry for a long time and believes in the power of the internet to reach out to people. 

The author has a passion for writing and believes this blog will help express salient issues in the field of technology. The author welcomes content and ideas on topics readers of this page would wish to be covered.