• IPv6 – bringing a horse to water..

    Date: 2010.08.24 | Category: ipv6, networking, tech•ed 2010, wireless | Tags:

    So you may have seen some press around work that we’re doing at teched bringing brave new world of IPv6 to the delegate experience.

    Why are we doing this?

    It’s well know that ipv4 address space is running out, while this is problematic for service providers and telcos – in our opinion it also as just as big a problem for application developers.

    So this is our challenge this year – giving every delegate the chance to experience this first hand. We’ll be giving full native IPv6 addresses for each and every device that can support it.

    We’ve learnt a LOT about the ins and outs of IPv6, those learning will be transparently displayed on this blog as per our normal policy.

    I also hope you’ll enjoy our planned IPv6 celebration hours we’ll have during the event, where only IPv6 will be available on the network!

    – The Backstage team.