• Hitting Reset for 2009 -> 2010

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    So it’s well and truly time to wrap up this blog for 2009 and move to 2010, i’ve been holding off until everytime of work from last year was resolved – strangely enough that happened just last week as the last invoice was sorted… (and no I’m not kidding..)
    So here’s a fast and loose summary of what we achieved – mainly to help with our planning for teched 2010.

    Delegate Network

    • 99.998 uptime (was a 45 second outage from a GBIC flapping..)
    • ~1300 wireless clients was the highest amount connected.
    • ~2TB of data downloaded (in 4 days!)
    • 300GB send out.

    Demonstration Network (the glass box of doom with the servers inside)

    • 100% uptime on services with over 80 virtual machines hosted for speaker and other demos. This was highly under-utilized.

    Major issues




    • Intel Wireless drivers – escalated to Intel who were sponsoring –
      they were kind enough to help us out
    • Bit Torrent – Played network cop – Rickrolled access to key sites
    • RRAS port exhaustion – escalated to our support team in India
    • Live ID creation – another escalated to our support team…
    • Netbook deployment – finished this with brute force
    • Session Recording – Expression Encoder crashes
    • Wrong URL on netbook images – network hack
    • Well i think this is minor, but there was some slight damage of a netbook box…


    As you can image there was so much more that went on, we’ve added a lot of these things to our planning process which has already started;

    “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” – Einstein

    So here go, we’re hitting the reset button – we’ll do our best to keep you update-to-date from our end – no promises of course as we’re all focused on delivering to a higher quality outcome than before.

    – jorke