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    Date: 2009.09.23 | Category: tech•ed 2009 | Tags:

    [ This post was written during tech•ed however its editing and publication was delayed. Blame me — Jorke ]

    Well we are now under way with the session recording and the pressure is starting to subside; especially now we have a stable platform to work with.

    Let me take you through some of the issues we ran into during the setup of tech•ed.

    Over the last week we have had countless problems with Expression Encoder 3, this software was to be used in conjunction with the ADVC55 Canopus to capture session recording both audio & video.


    The software proved to be unstable and difficult to use.

    The encoding would start well, but around the 15-17, 32 minute mark of recording it would crash, freeze and lock up the PC.

    At this stage the only we could overcome the problem was to reset the ADVC55 Canopus and reboot the PC; this went on for three days.

    We changed and tested every possible video & audio setting available but problems persisted. Expression Encoder 3 would allow you to record past the previous crash times and on preview the quality was great. After pressing stop and reviewing the recorded footage it showed really poor quality images, the only thing working well was the audio. Unfortunately the session wasn’t usable with only audio.

    The only thing we could do at this stage of the event was look to a solid program that had as many features as expression 3. The main features we were looking for was stability, video compression and compatibility with the ADVC55 Canopus.

    We came up with Windows Media Encoder 9. This saved the day! Upon connecting the Canopus device, the software immediately launched. The software automatically detected the signal being supplied to the Canopus and set all the video compression settings automatically.

    Press record and off we went. One hour later the software was still solid, the images were quality, the audio was in sync and the playback was DVD Quality.

    We had found a winner. This software is highly recommended in all facets, easy to operate, great playback quality and stable.

    – Brian “The Video Guy”