• Issues with LiveID…. SORTED

    Date: 2009.09.08 | Category: tech•ed 2009 | Tags:

    This year we’re using software for Tech.Ed CommNet where you can use a LiveID for the portal. Sounds pretty straightforward right? well.. it appears to prevent against false account creation there is an IP blacklisting feature that blocks more than a few requests from a single IP address, which is fine until you’re behind a NAT gateway..


    If you were trying to create a LiveID from onsite at Tech.Ed yesterday would would have seen a message along the lines of “limit exceeded..” – all our Tech.Ed networks are behind NAT, and although we could have cycled the NAT gateway IP’s around, that would only get us a few hundred go’s.

    We escalated to the Live product team, in particular our favourite aussie member of the live team, Angus Logan who helped us sort it.

    if you do notice any funkiness like this happening, please don’t hesitate to escalate to the Ops team.