• Netbook Imaging is almost done…

    Date: 2009.09.04 | Category: auteched, netbooks, tech.ed | Tags:

    We’ve had our ups and downs over the past week with imaging the netbooks for all the tech.ed attendees, I’ve been on site since Saturday and personally – if I never see one again it won’t be too soon as I’ve had a few late nights, resulting in some.. <ahem> issues.. sorry guys..

    So you can get a sense of scale of our operation our professional photographer came in and shot some great photos..

    3883750307_5beaf682a7[1] 3883752665_53d22ff3ca[1] 3884543074_fbc13e85d6[1]
    3883744675_aeea28dc9f[1] 3884536256_6837a976b8[1]


    Moving on today we’re starting building the showcase with our great HP demo servers – more on that later

    – jorke